Critical Gender, Intersectionality & Migration Research Group

Welcome to Critical Gender, Intersectionality & Migration (CGIM), a sociology research group directed by Dr. Pallavi Banerjee (she/her/they), Associate Professor of Sociology and Research Excellence Chair at the University of Calgary. 

Pallavi Banerjee is pronounced as Pal·luh·vee


Our research interests are situated at the intersection of sociology of immigration, refugee resettlement, gender, sexualities, intersectional feminist theories, and families. In particular, we are interested in how the intersections of gender, race, class and sexualities play out in the everyday lives and interactions of immigrants and transnational families as a consequence of Western state policies and other institutional mandates. At the heart of Dr. Banerjee's research program is the idea that minoritized families reside at the center of immigration and transnational governmental processes, and that these processes must be seen through intersectional lenses to understand the experiences of the different forms of families.  On empirical and theoretical levels, our group seeks to unravel the specific structural processes through which the state, corporations, and other related institutions operate together as gender and labor regimes to reconfigure the lived experiences of minority and transnational families in public and private spheres.  

In the news

A short video in which Dr. Banerjee offers an overview of the Refugee Resettlement and Intersectionality project.