Dr. Pallavi Banerjee, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Calgary

Doctoral Students

Sepideh Borzoo

Project: Painted Faces: A Study of Gendered and Racialized Beauty Service Work

Pedrom Nasiri

Project: Writing PolyQueer Worlds: Controlling Images, Material Practices, and Intimacies of Citizenship

Carieta Thomas

Project: Technologies of Surveillance: An Intersectional Analysis of Undocumented Caribbean Women Careworkers in the Labour Markets in Canada and the U.S.

Masters Students

Chetna Khandelwal

Project: Technological Influences upon immigration social movements in India and the USA

Souzan Korsha, M.S. Engineering. (Co-supervising with Dr. Laleh Behjat)

Project: Use of drones in delivering essentials to displaced people in areas of humanitarian crisis.

Tanner Short

Project: Exploring Pandemic Impacts on Canadians’ Public Discourse about Refugee Individuals: A Mixed Methods Study using Twitter Data

Affiliated Researchers

Dr. Soulit Chacko, Postdoctoral Fellow with the Religion and Urban Culture 2.0 Project, Indiana University Purdue University (IUPUI), U.S.A.

Research Coordinator and collaborator for CGIM Research Group, Rohingya Resettlement and Intersectionality Project, U.S.A.

Megha Sanyal, Ph.D. Student, Learning Sciences, Werklund School of Education.

Research Assistant and Co-author on papers on Southern Orientations in Gender and Migration Research

Sophia Thraya, M.A. Student, Learning Sciences, Werklund School of Education

Research Assistant on Refugee Resettlement and Intersectionality Project

Marilu Lam Herrera, Ph.D. Student, Learning Sciences, Werklund School of Education.

Research Assistant on Refugee Resettlement and Intersectionality Project

Community Partners

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CCIS)

Dr. Banerjee and members of CGIM Research Group have been working with CCIS in the Refugee Resettlement and Intersectionality Project and will be working on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Service Delivery Improvements 2020 Grant, Reaffirming Social Justice, Equity, Anti-Racist Research: Impact on BIPOC Youth from 2021-2024.


Graduate Students

Isabel Fandino, M.A.

Project: Lost in Translation: The (Unseen) Experiences of International Graduate Students and Families

Melanie Jong, M.A.

Project: Race Talk in a Multicultural Canada: How Canadian Children are being Racially Socialized

Negin Saheb Javaher, M.A.

Project: Under the Neoliberal Blanket: Maternal Strategies in the Resettlement of Yazidi Refugees in Calgary

Undergraduate Honours Students

Auska Adhikari

Project: Representation of South Asians in North American Media in 2017

Rupinder Brar

Project: The Intersectional Inequalities Faced by South Asian Women in Canada: A Study on the Work and Home Lives of South Asian Immigrant Women

Juliana Castillo

Project: The Poverty Industry and its Impact on Refugees in Canada: A Study on Syrian and Yazidi Refugees

Kennedy Novak

Project: Facebook, News, and You: A Study of Online News Content